IN2 is known for the development of White Label systems and the SaaS marketing format, whose main characteristic is customization, low cost and high availability.

We have been in the technology market since 2006, we have developed software entirely in the cloud for various sectors of the economy, we provide hardware in lending int telemetry services for data collection of several sensors or meters, all systems can be accessed from any location with any Device connected to the internet.

Our systems and services serve sectors of the economy such as: Agriculture, Water, Gas and Sanitation, Electric Energy, Financial Services, Information Technology, Telecommunications and Retail.

We have two principles in structuring projects: solve problems and eliminate costs. We offer consulting and a set of services that analyze the adherence of applications to Cloud Computing, integrate and develop connection mechanisms for partner platforms and social networks.

We promote fiscal citizenship and socially contribute to public transparency through the processing and monitoring of more than 10,000 data collected at Transparency Portals in Brazil. Through Artificial Intelligence and data crossing, software annually gives the application of public resources and compliance with the Fiscal Responsibility Law.

  • White Label

    Some of our products operate on the White Label business model. This format enables other companies to commercially exploit the technology of our systems and offer services to their own brand customers, outsourcing all technology and IT infrastructure.

  • SAAS

    We adopted the SAAS business model, where the responsibility for all the structure necessary to make the system available (servers, connectivity, information security care) is the responsibility of iN2, the customer uses the system through the internet, paying an accessible value for the service offered .

  • Security

    All systems rely on best security practices. Through SSL certificates, transactions performed on the platforms are encrypted through 256-Bit encryption verified and guaranteed by GeoTrust.

  • Availability

    With state-of-the-art technology, following global trends, our systems are fully developed in the cloud. We guarantee the availability and wide scalability of the applications used in your company, with a web service of safe and scalable computational capacity.